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Our Cornish Rex breeding cats are tested by blood and DNA analysis, free of FIV (feline aids) and FeLV (feline leukemia) PKD (a chronic kidney disease) and PRA (an eye disease which causes blindness) These are the genetic and viral diseases which most commonly affect our breed. Our mission is to take the guesswork out of breeding in order to offer healthy kittens of the highest possible quality, using all the medical and scientific resources available. Our cats live with us in the house are part of our family. Kittens are raised and thoroughly socialized in the house, with the older cats and dogs.


Rex Cornish male reproducteur Arabesque

CH Magic Rivendell Arabesque of Rexpertise

 Date of birth: May 28th, 2017  Blood type: Type B
 Breeder: Olesya Klimova  Show title: Champion (CH)
 Country of origin: Russia  Color: Brown and white, carrier of color point
 Microchip: 643093400056***  PRA: negative 
 CCC Registration: CRM220001-056***  PKD: negative
 WCF Registration: RU 0220.060816.*****  CMH Coming soon


Black Cornish Rex breeding cat

CH Corbri's Marvel of Rexpertise (aka Vlady)

 Date of birth: August 06, 2016  Blood type: Type A
 Breeder: Elena Anipchenko (CorBri)  Show title: Champion (CH), Best in Show(BIS), Best in Breed (BOB)
 Country of origin: Russia  Color: Black, carrier of brown and color point
 Microchip: 64309410044****  PRA: negative
 CCC Registration: CRM200000-04****  PKD: negative
 WCF Registration: RU 0220.060816.*****  CMH  negative ( July 2018 - Dr. Boileau)


Our breeding Cornish Rex females:

blue and white bi-color cornish rex female

CH Mykro's Blue Dream of Rexpertise (aka Katia)

 Date of birth: January 7, 2016  Blood Type: Type A
 Breeder: Charlene High (Mykro)  Show title: Champion (CH)
 Country of origin: Unites States  Color: Blue and white, carrier of brown
 Microchip: 96500000041****  PRA: negative
 CCC Registration: CRF210001-01****  PKD: negative
 CFA Registration: 0961-0214****  


Blue eyed seal point breeding Cornish Rex female

CH Rex Graceful Rose of Rexpertise (aka Toka)

 Date of birth: January 13, 2016  Blood Type: Type A
 Breeder: Tatyana Chernaya (Rex Graceful)  Show title: Champion (CH)
 Country of origin: Russia  Color: Seal point, carrier of brown
 Microchip: 64309410016****  PRA: negative
 CCC Registration: CRF201750-06****  PKD: negative
 CFA Registration: 0997-0220****  


Black and white bicolor cornish rex female

Rexpertise Azrielle

 Date of birth: April 1, 2017  Blood Type: Type A
 Breeder: Michelle Giguere (Rexpertise)  Show title: Best of Breed (kitten) by Judge Guy Héranval (LOOF)
 Country of origin: Canada  Color: bicolor black and white, carrier of dilute and colorpoint
 Microchip: 99000000076****  PRA: negative (by parentage)
 CCC Registration: CRF2000001-064***  PKD: negative (by parentage)


Femelle Rex de Cornouailles pointé seal aux yeux bleus

CH Rexpertise BellaMia

 Date of birth: Avril 5th, 2017  Blood Type: Type A
 Breeder: Michelle Giguere (Rexpertise)  Show title: Champion (CH), Best in Show(BIS), Best in Breed (BOB)
 Country of origin: Canada  Color: Seal point, carrier of brown and black
 Microchip: 99000000076****  PRA: negative (by parentage)
 CCC Registration: CRF201750-064***  PKD: negative (by parentage)


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