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Welcome to Rexpertise, professional breeder of purebred Cornish Rex Cats

** Please note: Our 2023 kittens are already sold and we have no planned litters.

If you are looking for a quality Cornish Rex kitten, from a professional breeder, we strongly recommend that you visit the Cornish Rex Club of Canada (CRCC) website and consult the list of member breeders. These breeders are governed by a strict code of ethics and professional conduct as well as a rigorous code of practices to ensure that you are choosing a breeder that is conscientious of the health of the breed and who are respectful of their clients..
We are breeders of the Cornish Rex cat breed, a curly haired, very elegant cat. We aim for nothing less than excellence; refined exquisite type, health and longevity thanks to the very rigorous health screening, and finally, the irresistible temperament of a real Cornish Rex cat, which is a charming blend of cat, dog and little monkey! You are sure to fall under his spell ...
All our breeding cats are tested and free of genetic diseases (PRA, PKD), all cats in the cattery are free of FeLV (feline leukemia) and FIV (feline AIDS). Our Rex Cornish kittens are covered by a two-year written health guarantee and are already sterilized (spayed or neutered), dewormed microchipped and vaccinated before leaving for their new homes. (*we do not offer de-clawing)
Our cats are characterized by their highly sought-after type, true to the standard of the breed; flowing curves, defined lines, large well placed ears, large eyes reflecting their keen intelligence, silky coats, graceful bodies, long and athletic, their quality will meet your expectations.

Curiosity, intelligence, affection and social attraction make them companion cats of exceptional quality! We have a very limited number of Cornish Rex kittens for sale.
Black Cornish Rex cat

Our kittens are socialized in our home with our children, cats and dogs, in a healthy and loving environment. Cats and their kittens receive stimulating interaction every day! We are passionate about this very special breed and our mission is to produce healthy kittens, aiming for the longevity and unique temperament of real Cornish Rex cats.

Our cattery is located in Granby, about an hour from Montreal or Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.

Rexpertise, the professional, family breeding cattery is :

* Certified by ANIMA-Québec - Genetics Plus
* Founding member of the CRCC (Cornish Rex Club of Canada)

* Registered breeding member of the CCA-AFC (Canadian Cat Association)
* Registered cattery with the CFA (Cat Fancier's Association)
* Registered cattery with TICA (The International Cat Association)


Michelle Giguère

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