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The Cornish Rex Cat Breed health information

The Cornish Rex is a generally healthy breed that usually enjoys good health and longevity. This is not a problematic cat breed. They may have some diseases of genetic origin, two of the most important being PKD and PRA. Fortunately these diseases can now be detected by parental DNA testing. The Cornish Rex can also catch viruses, bacteria or parasites like any other cat breed.

In order to put stack the odds in your favor, adopt your kitten from a breeder who does DNA testing on all his breeding cats to make sure your kitten is free of these avoidable diseases. Also, adopting from a professional breeder greatly limits the risk that your kitten is suffering from a viral, bacterial or parasitic disease. The risks are real for all catteries, but when a breeder does regular screening, follow-ups and gives appropriate treatments, the risks are greatly reduced.

To keep your Rex healthy, you must provide quality food, make sure he is well hydrated, keep him at a healthy weight and have him examined by the veterinarian once a year.




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