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The main objective of our Cornish Rex breeding cattery is to produce and raise Cornish Rex kittens of the highest quality, embodying the wonderful physical and behavioral peculiarities of this unique breed.

Our breeding priority is always health and temperament, while aiming for the physical type that makes our cats conformation champions. Our breeding program is based on the breed standard of the CCC and CFA and housing and breeding practices established by ANIMA-Quebec (an animal welfare organization).

Our cattery in Granby near Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is very selective so we have a limited number of Cornish Rex kittens for sale each year. We encourage those interested in adopting one of our kittens, to place a deposit to make sure to reserve your kitten well in advance.
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Our Cornish Rex kittens are registered with Canada Cats Cats (CCC), identified by microchip, sterilized (spayed or neutered), dewormed, vaccinated, socialized with our children, cats, friends and dogs. They are covered by a two-year written health guarantee against genetic and congenital diseases.
The kittens' parents are all certified free of these genetic diseases: PRA (a disease that causes early onset blindness), PKD (a deadly chronic kidney disease) and these viral diseases: FeLV (feline leukemia) and FIV (feline AIDS). Kittens are covered free of charge by a an eight-week life/health/accident insurance policy.

* All kittens are spayed/neutered before they leave our home and we do not declaw kitten under any circumstance.

**Our Cornish Rex kitten litters:*


'J' litter: Mykro's Blue Dream & Corbri Marvel


Cornish rex female blue and white

CH. Mykro's Blue Dream of Rexpertise


Marvel, Black cornish rex cat
CH. Corbri's Marvel of Rexpertise

Mykro's Blue Dream (aka Katia) gave birth on November 24th, to a lovely litter of four male kittens and one female. The colors are varied; two brown and whites, one solid brown and two solid blacks.

Blue Dream is the alpha of the house, the undisputed pack leader. She is very intelligent, affectionate, and interactive. Imported from the Mykro cattery in the United States, hers is a very sought-after type, refined and very elegant. She is blue and white colored with stricking green eyes. Confident, playful and always ready to hunt, she has all the typical temperament of a Cornish rex.
She is an excellent mother, caring and patient, who cares for her babies until the day of their departure.

Marvel come from Russia, from the Corbri cattery. He is a tall, slender Cornish rex with a wavy coat of perfect marvel waves. He possesses all the physical attributes desired in a Rex and we are happy that he transmits his excellent temperament and beauty to his offspring. He is very athletic, he climbs and jumps with the grace of a panther.

* All the kittens are reserved

Our next litters will be in the spring
2019 with our new male Arabesque


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