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In 2003, the German Shepherd kennel "Les Anges Gardiens" (Guardian Angels) was born of a dream, a passion and a deep respect of the European German Shepherd. This breed inspires so much admiration from people all over the planet making it one of the most popular. It is this same popularity which puts it in danger; dubious breeding practices, inbreeding, overcrowding, using sub-standard dogs in breeding, lack of screening for hereditary diseases, etc. The breed in North America suffered enormously.
We avoided this right from the beginning by importing and using strictly European bloodlines and applying rigourous health and temperament screening. Over the years, we have learned to navigate the obstacles and overcome the difficult times that we inevitably face as breeders.
So our decision to raise Cornish Rex cats was a thought out one, well researched and well advised. Long gone are the illusions that it would be easy, fun or even profitable. No, if we chose to raise Cornish Rex cats, it is through passion and love of this wonderful breed and motivated by the desire to join the few responsible breeders who have given themselves the mission to protect and improve this breed.

Who we are:

We are passionate about nature and animals, especially cats and dogs. My two sons, Zachary and Leo, are actively involved in the breeding and showing and are an important part of Rexpertise. They are involved in showing, they help with the maintenance, socialization, care giving and of course the thankless task of playing endless games with the cats and kittens!

Although it is the cat itself that fascinates me, I still see the need to participate in cat shows to demonstrate the quality and seriousness of my breeding program. Thus, we get critical, objective opinions and advice from judges to help us improve and validate our breeding program. We are very proud of the results obtained by our cats in the competitions.

I fell in love with the Cornish Rex a long time ago, thanks to my neighbor who had a most charming male. I have always been fascinated by the character of these cats and being allergic to cats, the fact that they do not lose their hair was a major attraction for me. I always considered that I was more the dog type but the interactive and social nature of the Cornish Rex suits me perfectly. They are like a wonderful mix between dog, cat and little monkey. Very skilled, acrobatic, extroverted and intelligent, we manage to teach them tricks, fetch like a dog and they keep us entertained with their antics and acrobatic performances.

Philosophy and objectives:

My vision for Rexpertise is to provide our customers with kittens who are healthy and raised in a safe and healthy environment. A real Cornish Rex, which will meet the expectations of breed lovers, faithfully representing the physical and behavioral standard that makes this breed so unique. Although no one can guarantee that their kittens will never get sick, we want to put the odds on your side by ensuring that our breeding cats are healthy and tested for the most common diseases. I learned a long time ago that there are no shortcuts or compromises in making a healthy bloodline.

I am a passionate person and I aim for excellence. When I do something, it's never halfway. That's why the name Rexpertise. I set myself the goal of becoming a reference in the breed and learning everything I could about these incredible cats.

As a long time breeder, I have often asked myself the question 'Is it reasonable to breed dogs or cats in a world where there are so many animals in shelters?' I am convinced that a responsible breeder is not part of the problem but rather part of the solution. We sell our animals sterilized (spayed or neutered) so they will not breed. As part of a group of professional breeders, we advocate the education of breeders, the identification of all animals by microchip, sterilization, registration, screening for genetic diseases etc. We encourage all breeders to certify their cattery by Anima-Quebec so that one day consumers refuse to do business with someone who is not certified! It is the consumer who creates the market; if there is no more demand for kittens sold on classified ads, in pet shops or flea markets, these unscrupulous kitten-mills will close their doors.

Animal welfare is of upmost importance to us and we think it is time for some serious law reforms and regulations that allow puppy and kitty mills in Quebec and Canada. Those of us who are doing things properly are not afraid of opening our doors to inspection and are proud of our facilities. We believe only catteries that are certified and have a permit should be allowed to breed. Breeding is not something that should be done without first acquiring a solid base in health, genetics, behavior, animal husbandry and a proper amount of space.



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