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The Cornish Rex is to cats what Mozart is to music... pure genius! His body vibrates to a true symphony of curves, angles and lines covered in shining silk. He is an incarnation of elegance and refinement, his stylized silhouette, graceful movements, eyes mirroring his bright intelligence and enchanting impish spirit. The Cornish Rex leaves no one indifferent; people either adore him or find him horrible. He is different from others breeds that's for sure, that's the point! In older standard definitions it is said that he must look 'alien'. There he stands, his large ears sitting his on his egg shaped head, his big, big eyes sparkling with intelligence, his long-limbed slender silhouette, his long whip-like tail and his back arching gracefully when he is active. And then, there is his coat of tight marcel waves flowing along his body... There is no mistaking him, he is a Cornish Rex!

Contrary to what one might believe, he is not the result of horrible inbreeding and human interventions. The Rex is simply the result of a spontaneous genetic mutation found in a barn cat in the county of Cornwall in England in the 1950's. This mutation is found in several other species like horses, cows, pigs, mice and even poultry!

The Rex is a breed of remarkably robust cats, athletic and blessed with good health. This breed is not know to be fragile or susceptible to many diseases. They are generally long lived, 14 to 18 years seems to be the average but it is not uncommon to see cats living into their twenties. They are not heavyweights, usually weighing in somewhere between 6 and 9 pounds or 2.5 and 4.5 kilos. They are not particularly vocal, we do hear them talk but not as insistently as other breeds known for their vocalization.

The Cornish Rex is a very smart cat, he has a great capacity to learn and is very good at problem solving. It is quite common for them to learn to open doors, faucets and of course his food storage container. They are remarkable jumpers making leaps which never cease to surprise and amaze. They love to jump up directly off the floor to your shoulder to say hello. That is in fact one of their favorite lookouts! They are active and playful, a trait that they do not loose entering adulthood. They generally get along well with dogs, other cats and animals and make fantastic companions for children.

As for the Cornish Rex coat, it is composed solely of undercoat hairs which fall very, very little if at all. This hair is fine, soft and wavy. Not all Rex have very dense or long hair, it is quite frequent to see breeding females with hardly any coat at all due to hormonal changes. In this case, she will have very short hair with a texture of fine velvet. There is a range of length and density of hair found in the breed usually associated with genetics of the parents. The Rex is a heat seeking cat who loves to cuddle up under the blankets with you or even in your sweater if you will let him. These are definitely not outdoor cats!

Contrary to what many unscrupulous breeders will say, they are not hypo allergenic cats! It is true that many people report that they are less allergic to the Rex then other cats and people with light allergies often claim that they are not allergic at all to the Cornish Rex. Be that as it may, one should never buy a Rex under the assumption that they are hypoallergenic. Anyone with a serious cat allergy should beware. The only way to see if one will react to a Cornish Rex is to spend time with them. The breeder is not the best place to try because of the number of cats and amount of allergens. If in doubt you should consult an allergy specialist and get tested and talk about different treatments available for cat allergies.

So if you are looking for a healthy, active, playful, interactive and sociable cat that does not shed, the Cornish Rex is the cat for you. Let yourself fall under his spell, you won't be disappointed!


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